What is A Bail Bondsman?

Bail is a condition and a right for most people being charged with a crime. Bail is defined and incorporated in individual State Constitutions, which vary from State to State. Each State has placed hold varying values on bail and maintains different views on the value of the commercial bail industry. No matter which state that you’re in, that allows commercial bail, the independent professional commercial insurance Bail Bondsmen provide for a much safer, cost effective and professional process that guarantees the appearance of a defendant while out on bail.

The Bail Bondsman operates closely within the criminal justice system and is expected to maintain the highest performance and ethical standards. A violation of any of his duties finds a Bondsman threatened with extremely harsh financial penalties in cases of defendant non performance. Further, the Professional Bail Bondsman facilitates the preservation of the presumption of innocence which is essential if an accused individual should have unbiased criminal proceedings against them. Having the right bail bond company in your corner can make the difference!

It is important to note that, Judges release the prisoners (defendant) into the sole custody of the Bondsman and not the family members paying for bail. That means while the case is active the defendant must comply with the specific instruction of the Bondsman or his designee. Any non compliance with judges orders, violation of bail performance and compliance contracts, obstruction of the normal operation of a reporting facility or harassment or threat of any type to anyone under the employ of the Bondsman or any disruption however minor will be considered an openly hostile act and defendant will be sought and taken into custody to be returned to jail.

Knowing the facts of being out on bail and the conditions of bail is extremely important, and this is why NY Bail Bond Service is dedicated to not only providing you with fast bail services to release you from jail, but with the knowledge about the conditions of bail to keep you from violating your conditions of bail!

Let us provide you the professional, fast and most sought after bail service to help you get out, and stay out! We are the top NY Bail Bonds Company in New York.

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